Envelopes Need To Be Reset Somehow?


Any idea why my envL seems to stop working after a while? This code works correctly right after I load up Tidal but stops working after I've been performing for a while. Am I not resetting it correctly? Or maybe it's a bug?

squiz (trigger 1 $ range 0 15 $ slow 64 $ envL)

I've tried resetCycles and reset as well.


The 1 there refers to the pattern id, are you using it with d1?

Yes, thanks. Here's the full code:

  $ slow 2 
  $ s "Rytm:15"
  # squiz (trigger 1 $ range 0 15 $ slow 64 $ envL)
  # waveloss (trigger 1 $ range 0 100 $ slow 64 $ envL)
  # room 0.3
  # gain 0.85

It seems to work (at least sometimes) if I trigger resetCycles beforehand. Is it expected that I have to do that to get the envL's to reset?