Error with the `scale` function

Hm, maybe not suitable to post here..?
I am trying to use the "scale" function like below.

d1 $ n (scale "minor" "0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ") # s "superpiano"

However, I am getting this error below.

? Couldn't match expected type �e[Char] -> Pattern Note�f
              with actual type �ePattern ValueMap�f
? The function �escale�f is applied to two arguments,
  but its type �ePattern Double -> Pattern ValueMap�f has only one
  In the first argument of �en�f, namely
    �e(scale "minor" "0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ")�f
  In the first argument of �e(#)�f, namely
    �en (scale "minor" "0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ")�f

I have thought maybe my SuperCollider, SuperDirt, or TidalCycles are not the latest version but now all the latest ones (Actually my SuperDirt was v1.0 :sweat_smile: I don't know why but my Quarks don't install the latest one, so I installed the latest one manually...)

Besides, "scaleList" certainly show those message below.

t> "minPent majPent ritusen egyptian kumai hirajoshi iwato chinese indian pelog prometheus scriabin gong shang jiao zhi yu whole wholetone augmented augmented2 hexMajor7 hexDorian hexPhrygian hexSus hexMajor6 hexAeolian major ionian dorian phrygian lydian mixolydian aeolian minor locrian harmonicMinor harmonicMajor melodicMinor melodicMinorDesc melodicMajor bartok hindu todi purvi marva bhairav ahirbhairav superLocrian romanianMinor hungarianMinor neapolitanMinor enigmatic spanish leadingWhole lydianMinor neapolitanMajor locrianMajor diminished octatonic diminished2 octatonic2 messiaen1 messiaen2 messiaen3 messiaen4 messiaen5 messiaen6 messiaen7 chromatic bayati hijaz sikah rast saba iraq"

I have spent 4 days investigating this problem already... Does anyone know the cause..?

Hi @superpeachman, I think you probably do have quite an old version of tidal. Try running tidal_version in your editor to find out. You should be able to upgrade with cabal update then cabal install tidal --lib. (if it complains, then miss off the --lib)

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@yaxu hi, I eval tidal_version then, I got this.

t> "1.7.4"

It seems the latest version. Then, anyway I did update cabal and installed tidal again but nothing changed. I did this below with my last hope.

cabal install tidal --reinstall

I don't know why but now certainly "scale" is work :upside_down_face:!
Thanks a lot! I must be able to have a good weekend...

@yaxu I found the true cause... Please let me leave it here (if you think it maybe would happen to Tidal customizing lover).

I was interested in Voltage (GitHub - mashaal/superdirt-voltage: ⚡️🎛⚡️ CV integration for Tidal Cycles). And to use the Voltage requires defining this line in the boot file;

scale scale = stepsPerOctave scale

I removed this line. :zipper_mouth_face:

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