Fixing OBS syncing/latency

I've set up my superdirt startup file to send tidal's OSC to atom-hydra which I'm using to trigger p5js code in sync with my tidal samples. It works well enough.

But when I try to record with OBS, I sometimes get very inconsistent results with the images being wildly out of sync with the audio (off by a few 100 ms). In OBS, there is 'Sync Offset' property in 'Advanced Audio Settings' that I've been trying to tweak, but I don't feel like I'm getting closer. Part of the problem is that I have unrelated issues with p5js/atom-hydra that force me to frequently reboot my computer or else cease to receive the OSC messages, making the testing feedback loop (recording in OBS, listen, tweak, repeat) very laborious. It could be my imagination, but it feels like the latency is not consistently off, i.e., I'm chasing a moving target.

Could anyone shine some light on what might cause the latency? I feel like understanding this better would be helpful. Also, can anyone suggest a better strategy for getting sound/images in sync? Thanks!

Sorry to suggest the obvious, but have you tried upgrading OBS? I only suggest this because I've had a lot of problems with this in the past, which seems to have gone away more recently.

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Embarrassingly no, I hadn't. Still seems to be off pretty dramatically, but I'll try it a few more times and see if it's off in a more consistent way.