Flow diagrams in Tidal

Is there any possibility / tool in Tidal to check or inspect the audio flow diagram as for example in Faust?

I am thinking of something similar to picture below, with function and effects names instead.

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 09.05.29

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Have you been able to control Faust with tidal cycles? Super interested in getting started learning Faust with a few friends here.

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Not really, does this opportunity exist and how could that be useful?

But yeah, Faust is amazing - especially the faust2 functionalities that allow you to create literally anything you want in any different software (Max, SuperCollider, JUCE etc.)


If it's on the audio side then you'd be looking for a tool in SuperCollider. Searching around I'm not sure if there is one, apart from for e.g. python or haskell supercollider interfaces, but I think that wouldn't help us with superdirt, which is native to the supercollider language.