Forum navigation in general + links

Hi, I find the forum navigation really confusing. To start with it would help me if links would open in a new window so I wouldn’t lose where I have just been and the info I found important ca. three steps back. For example the install info link Alex gives on (I don’t even know on which page?) takes me out of the forum. For a beginner the whole process is challenging enough, a confusing forum makes it more difficult. Can install links be under resources, please?

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Hi Susanne!

Thanks for the feedback

I think if you hold down shift while clicking, a link will open a new window, and ctrl-click will open in a new tab. Does that help? It might be different on a mac, but it’ll be one of the keys around there. Let me know how you get on with the install !

I’ve adjusted things so that now has a clear list of categories on the left, and a list of latest topics on the right. Hope that’s a bit of a clearer entry point.

I haven’t started organising resources yet but will get on that soon.


Thanks, Alex, that already looks a lot easier to navigate! I just got frustrated when I first got onto the forum and tried to find my way. And cmd-click works for opening links in new windows on the Mac!

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I have another suggestion: to split ‘install questions’ for Mac, Windows and Linux? I am scrolling through a lot of stuff that’s not relevant to me but the Mac issues people have encountered are. I guess people on respective platforms will come across similar problems?

Hi Susanne,

To get installed on a mac, the first thing to try is the ‘easy install’ linked here:

Hopefully that works, but if not share any error messages you see and I’ll help you iron out the niggles. A few people are hitting problems with having older versions of mac os x, but we’re working through that.

I’m learning loads about tidal installation myself through this process, so hopefully a better install process will be an outcome from this course too!