FOTW#1 - iter

For the inaugural function of the week, lets look at iter! Share any iter related questions, patterns, amusing anecdotes etc below :slight_smile:

I worked on the reference material for iter here:

You can comment on it there if you want, but you'd have to create a new account as it's a separate system. I'm still getting my head around it, but looks nice - you can select some words and comment on them in particular. Then at some point I'll transfer the material back to the userbase. I'm experimenting with this 'pubpub' system, hopefully it'll be a good host for the Tidal book project and perhaps eventually become 'the' userbase.

We also looked at it at the end of the last live stream, archived here:

It was at 1h02m13s, I think the above should take you right to that point..

If you have suggestions for future FOTWs (functions of the week) please nominate over on this thread.