Function to show own text

Hi Tidalss people :wink: Is it possible to show a text in an output console panel? For example, this one used by Kindohm in this video.
I want to make a sort of dialogue with the people watching the screen.

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

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I am not a Haskeller, but I tried to reverse engineer this and I found some inspiration from this Reddit post.

newtype NoQuotes = NoQuotes String
instance Show NoQuotes where show (NoQuotes str) = str

prettyPut s = putStr . show $ NoQuotes s
flood s = mapM_  prettyPut $ replicate 10 s 

and then you call it!

*Main> flood "hey. "
hey. hey. hey. hey. hey. hey. hey. hey. hey. hey.

If you really want to flood the terminal we should set the no. of replicas to, say, 100? :slight_smile:

I hope it helps!

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Thanks a lot @mattia.paterna :wink: I'll try :smiley: I thought there was a "built-in" function in Tidal.

That works perfectly but you don't really need to deal with 'show', you can just do:

flood = putStrLn . concat . replicate 10