Future text editor to evaluate code lines via MIDI or OSC (except Atom)


Since Atom is sunsetting soon, I would like to know which is the best text editor to consider, that will be able to code easily the evaluation of code lines of Tidal Cycles either by midi or OSC ?

I submitted in the past an issue in Atom, that is to me crucial to work with Tidal. Fortunately, some developers succeeded in implementing this feature in Atom (see https://github.com/tidalcycles/atom-tidalcycles/issues/119).

But with the sunsetting of Atom and since I am not a developer, I am wondering in which editor and how I could do this ?

  • NeoVim ?
  • maybe even Strudel via the web browser ?
  • or others ?

Many thanks,


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hey christophe,
tidal-gui might be an option for you:

at the moment the automatic builds for it are only working for linux though, but i will try to fix it soon.
I'm also currently working on controling the editor via OSC and already have a working prototype :slight_smile:

Hey, there are some, in the #editors folder in the TOPLAP discord there's a long discussion about this, there are some people working on a proof of concept that could arise in the next months, it's too early to propose features, but the community will be keep up to date.

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