Generate Song Structures

Hi all, I've been lurking on this forum for a few months but I found something really cool that I think could benefit a lot of people, and its free to use!

Dylan Tallchief, who is a producer, released this website where you can generate song structures for different genres of music. To my understanding he has been training an AI to learn song structures over the past year. You can then take the generated structure and download it as an FLStudio, Ableton, Reaper, or midi project, or you could probably sequence loops in tidalcycles according to the generated structure if you wanted to do it all in tidal.

Here's the link to the website if anyone wants to use it!

Hopefully this can help you take a loop and spin it into a full track!


Albeit this has little to do with Tidalcycles and I'm personally not a big fan of many commercial music genres, I still see use for this kind of thing... For example if there would be a way to INPUT some data into the site and it would spit it out variations of that said data, you could colour me interested.

That's fair. This doesn't directly relate to tidal cycles but I'm currently experimenting with sequencing loops with seqP using the randomly generated structure just to test how it might work. I enjoy how stuck I can get into a loop but I find that my music isn't really going anywhere, and perhaps I might be able to gain some insights into how to structure a dance track so I could write some functions that could organize patterns in a sort of generic dance format and the performer could take it from there.

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Thanks for sharing this!
Of course there's something strange about just reproducing existing genre conventions. Still, I find it quite inspiring to look at popular music in this kind of way and then take it from there and try to deconstruct, manipulate and pervert it, in some way.
So, I guess you can also make use of it in TidalCycles in some kind of why.


Cool share! I'm currently trying to "reverse engineer" a hyperpop song as I go about learning Tidal. Super helpful to see the structure visualized. Who knows... maybe someday the website will output tidal patterns?? :smiley:

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