Haskell summer of code project: Formalising Konnakol

I'm really happy that Aravind Mohandas will be working on formalising Konnakol in Haskell over Summer, bringing the results of this work to Tidal. From his proposal:

Konnakol, in South Indian Carnatic music, is the art of performing percussion syllables vocally. However, notwithstanding its importance in Carnatic music, there have not been any successful attempts in creating a system which could formalise the rules of Konnakol. This project aims to develop a system to formalise as well as validate pre-existing compositions. This system can then be used to generate new patterns. The project also aims to display valid compositions using the Jathi notation, as well as use a grid design to visualize the patterns generated. The system developed will be integrated with the “Tidal Cycles” software, so that users may include Konnakol in their compositions as well.

I think this will contribute to dynamic manipulation of pattern length among other things!


oh this is exciting! will there be some place to watch the progress of the project, like a blog or thread?