Have a sound only triggered once? → only one synth created in superdirt?

hey there,

i'm currently using tidalcycles in conjunction with a custom synth that reads from a local bus. throughout my session, i'd like to have this synth to be "fixed" i.e. only to be triggered once, but still be able to change it's parameters and add effects. would that be possible in any way? :slightly_smiling_face:


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hi! only way I can think of is to use once and a hillariously big sus value, like:

once $ note "0'major" # s "superchip" # s 100000

maybe this works.You could also try slow 10000 or something like that. I suggest using # cut 1 so you can stop the synth sound by triggering another player.


yes, this could be a very good idea! thank you!!! :slightly_smiling_face: