Hello- recommended resources?


I'm new here and a total beginner with Tidal. Have a long background with DAWs and Elektron hardware, and intermediate experience with Max, but no coding. Looking for recommendations for tutorials as good jumping-off points. So far have earmarked the Learning Tidal course, and Mike Hodnick's tutorials series. Any other suggestions worth pursuing?

Thanks, Christian

Welcome Christian!

If you haven't seen it already, the Tidal User Documentation has a set of Tutorial resources designed to help new users.

https://tidalcycles.org/. Documentation > Tutorials

The Workshop tutorial is a great starting place and was recently updated. It has lots of short code / pattern examples.

The Tutorials Course I and Course II are more in depth with a series of YouTube sections. They are taught by Tidal's founder Alex McClean. I found them to be an excellent way to engage.

Another source: AlgoMusic I: Live Coding in TidalCycles - pdxOpenTech


I wrote a bunch of introductory minitidal on estuary workshops which translate directly into tidal... estuary is a handy resource to know about as well


thanks! yes, working slowly through Alex McClean's tutorials course atm, finding those to be really clear and well put together/easy to comprehend

amazing, thanks- will check out

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