Help Needed - Error with GHC and SuperCollider (Windows)

Hi everyone,

I'm new to programming and have been struggling with installing GHC (version 9.8.1) and SuperCollider for the past two days. Every time I try to run my code, I encounter the following errors:

  1. When running GHC: "ghc-9.8.1.exe: Network.Socket.recvBuf: invalid argument" in Pulsar
  2. When running SuperCollider: "module 'sound': instrument not found: no synth or sample named could be found."

I've been following the installation help threads, but I haven't been able to resolve these issues. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong, and I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance you can provide.

Thank you in advance

Have you started SuperDirt inside SuperCollider? Warning: GHCi | ghc-9.6.1.exe: Network.Socket.recvBuf: invalid argument - #2 by yaxu