How can I write this pattern in Tidal Cycles?

s ("hh").fast(4).every(4, euclid(3,8))

I can't seem to get the same thing when writing in Tidal/Haskell

hmhmh there are maaany ways to do this, here are my favs:

d1 $ every 4 (struct "t(3,8)") $ s "hh*4"

d1 $ s "<[hh(3,8)] [hh*4]!3>"

-- the most literal way:
d1 $ every 4 (const $ s "hh(3,8)") $ fast 4 $ s "hh"
-- const is a haskell function which simply returns the first element you give to it

maybe we could add a replace alias for const in Tidal :thinking:


There's also a euclid function in tidal, so you can do the more direct translation:

every 4 (euclid 3 8) $ fast 4 $ s "hh"

It works a different way, but $ ends up looking like ., but running the opposite direction.

every 4 (euclid 3 8) $ fast 4 $ s "hh"

ah yes this is what I tried before but then the Euclid pattern is played at 4 times the speed too...

d1 $ every 4 (struct "t(3,8)") $ s "hh*4"

This one above does what I was expecting - I just didn't know how to write it.

Thanks for the help everyone!

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