How is everyone recording?

How is everyone recording? I've just been recording using SuperCollider. Are there settings/code that would improve the sound?

I mostly use d1 and stack lines. I don't know if I should be using separate d1, d2, etc and running it into a DAW like LMMS.

hey. @johnnyl my approach is to create some orbits which are automatically routed to DAW with GitHub - SpotlightKid/jack-matchmaker: Auto-connect new JACK ports matching the patterns given on the command line. (works with jack and pipewire) in linux. Dont know about mac/windows though. Ofc u can use some GUI patchbay tool too.
In tidal:

-- for DAW
r1 = p 9 . (|< orbit 8)
r2 = p 10 . (|< orbit 9)
r3 = p 11 . (|< orbit 10)
r4 = p 12 . (|< orbit 11)
r5 = p 13 . (|< orbit 12)
r6 = p 14 . (|< orbit 13)
r7 = p 15 . (|< orbit 14)
r8 = p 16 . (|< orbit 15)

In jack-matchmaker config something like this:

# Reaper



Also configure orbits/channels in SC Audio Outputs | Tidal Cycles

Then all u need to do is replace d1 with r1, d2 -> r2 etc...

For SuperDirt I use the multi-channel approach as @qaciwq links to above, for my SC startup. I target the Blackhole audio device on MacOS and then my DAW can listen to the Blackhole inputs from a MacOS Aggregate Device. So basically I do DAW multitracking on d1, d2, d3, etc.

There's another thread somewhere about what these startup.scd configs should be to get mono outputs per orbit, stereo per orbit with multiple outs, etc.

These supercollider outputs have to be configured during startup to get individual mono/stereo outputs per d1... outputs.

Thanks for the replies, everyone! I think I figured it out. This video was especially helpful.

I would like to add for everyone else specially on Windows there's also the option to set many Recorders on SuperCollider, generating many stem-like files: