How to specify note length?

Let's say I wanted to specify odd note lengths in tidal cycles.
For instance I want to play a sequence that takes up one bar of four beats
with three notes in the bar.
note 1 = 1/2 bar or two beats
note 2 & 3 = 1/2 a bar or two beats

would I write something like:

setcps (140/60/4)
d1 $ n "< cs3 [ds3 e3] >" # "moog"

I know I can insert rests or silence in a sequence using the ~ sign but is there a way
to indicate the note takes up X amount of beats such as

d1 $ n "< cs3_ _ [ds3_ e3_] >" # "moog"

Where for instance the _ is one beat so cs3_ _ is telling tidal to play cs3 for two beats?
What about for fractions like 16ths? I'm trying to combine odd note durations values in a sequence such as 3 16th notes in a row followed by a half note and then a 16th note and then a quarter note
and it would be easy if there was a way to specify note durations.

Notes Durations
[cs3 ds3 e3 ds3 cs3 b2] , [1/16, 1/16, 1/16, 1/2, 1/16, 1/4]

or is there something like the above example?

You can do this with the @ operator in mininotation, which with your example would amount to

d1 $ n "cs3@1 ds3@1 e3@1 ds3@8 cs3@1 b2@4"

(the durations are relative and normalized so that a cycle always amounts to 1, which allowed me to multiply everything by 16 for legibility)