How to stop jack?

Sometimes it's hard to properly configure jack, so we're happy once it works, and the following question gets little attention: how do I reliably stop it?

Use case: use bluetooth headset for a conference call. I think this only works with pulseaudio

I can open qjackctl and hit Stop, and it does. But when fiddling with bluetooth audio, sometimes the recommendation is to pulseaudio --kill , and that very monent, jack will rise from the dead, grab audio hardware, load
pa sink/source modules.

Hi @jwaldmann,

I don't know if this is the most elegant way but I have a short shell script (called audio.stop) which I call via rofi:

#! /bin/bash
killall jackd qjackctl & (! pidof jackdbus) || kill -9 $(pidof jackdbus) 

This works reliable since quite some time.

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Ah yes, jackdbus. Thanks!

And, silly me, I still had some obsolete stuff in .config/pulse/

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