Howto: JACK auto connections in startup.scd

If you want to autoconnect connections via JACK, you could use the JACK class from this SuperCollider quark:

So, if I want my setup be 'ready' for multirecordings, I can set each orbit to a different channel already ( and connect them all to my stereo output of my soundcard. I need to re-connect to my DAW if I decide to record stuff of course (or let Ardour or NSM or ... do it for me), but this is just a example. (In the s.waitForBoot section I have it)

SCLOrkJack.connect("SuperCollider:out_1", "system:playback_1");
SCLOrkJack.connect("SuperCollider:out_2", "system:playback_2");
SCLOrkJack.connect("SuperCollider:out_3", "system:playback_1");
SCLOrkJack.connect("SuperCollider:out_4", "system:playback_2");
SCLOrkJack.connect("SuperCollider:out_5", "system:playback_1");
SCLOrkJack.connect("SuperCollider:out_6", "system:playback_2");
SCLOrkJack.connect("SuperCollider:out_7", "system:playback_1");
SCLOrkJack.connect("SuperCollider:out_8", "system:playback_2");
SCLOrkJack.connect("SuperCollider:out_9", "system:playback_1");
SCLOrkJack.connect("SuperCollider:out_10", "system:playback_2");
SCLOrkJack.connect("SuperCollider:out_11", "system:playback_1");
SCLOrkJack.connect("SuperCollider:out_12", "system:playback_2");

Seems to work here :slight_smile:

Other (Linux) tools for managing the JACK connections are:

  • The Non-Session-Manager (NSM), using the client 'jackpatch'
  • jack_connect via bash/your terminal
  • Ardour does also restore the connections (and has NSM support).

brilliant. thanks for sharing

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