I'm starting a Livecoding Music Label! -- Open Call for participation!

Hey p33ps! My name is Ashlae Blume (and I sometimes go by laelume for music stuffs) --> I’m very excited to announce that I’m starting a music label based on livecoding (not totally exclusive to other computer musics, but hope to be very focused on livecoding)!!

This post is an announcement, as well as an open call for interest of people who would like to be involved, either artistically or administratively [ or financially :wink: ], or both!! Or all three!!!

I’ll keep this post short, but the jist of it is to promote livecoding music through offering various services to musicians, including production, distribution, promotion, publicity, event planning, &/or collaboration for music videos. This will not begin as a funded commercial venture, mostly as a passion and community project, but I believe it could be really beneficial for individuals, and the community. I'm actively searching for funding sources, so if you have any tips or tricks along those lines, I'd be much obliged. Maybe one day there could even be a festival!! I feel very prepared for this step, since I’ve been a professional musician for a long time, and am excited to see what could be possible! I really believe in the livecoding movement, and have met some of the nicest and most innovative and inclusive people through this international community. Also, I’m very committed to diversity and inclusion, and this project will be adamently and explicitly anti-racist and trans-inclusive.

Suggestions welcome, and of course please be in touch with interest and thoughts!! I will definitely need to connect with web developers, since that’s not my strongest area. You can get in touch with me on most social medias and messaging platforms (including here!) through @laelume so please feel to DM me, or comment & tag on this post :smiley:

Thanks for reading & hope to brainstorm more soon!