Inserting own samples?

Hi there, how have people been adding their own samples?

I have put a .wav file in a folder and put it in the dirt samples folder which Alex gave us to download. I restarted supercollider and Atom, then I try to run that sound on Tidal nothing plays.

Any help much appreciated, thanks!

There's documentation here on how to set up your own custom samples:

Otherwise, you should also be able to create a new folder in the Dirt-Samples folder, then drop your .wav in there. Then you can use your "new folder" name in your patterns. However, if the Dirt-Samples quark ever gets removed or re-installed, you will lose your sample. The documentation I linked shows you how to use your own folders anywhere on your hard drive.

I've followed the instructions on this link you sent: copy and pasted the Custom SuperDirt Startup script into supercollider. Where it says 'specify sample folder to load' in that script, I've put "/Users/Lucy Papadopoulos/Desktop/tidalclub/Dirt-samples-master/*" as this is where I've added a new folder with my sample in. I've then run this script, restarted Atom, but my sample still won't play. My sample is quite long by the way, in fact its 1.4MB as a singular sample so pretty huge, but didn't think this would matter?

Sorry if this seems silly to explain I have no experience in programming before starting this course.

Thanks again for your help

@lucyjp786 a couple of things:

First, let's say your custom folder is named "x" and your sample file is named "x.wav". Can you confirm that you placed them here:

/Users/Lucy Papadopoulos/Desktop/tidalclub/Dirt-samples-master/x/x.wav

Second, at what point did you run that script from the documentation example? That script will replace how you would normally start up SuperDirt. Instead of running SuperDirt.start, you will run that entire script block.

I'm a little worried that I'm ending you down the wrong path. It looks like your Dirt-Samples-master folder is holding the Dirt-Samples, which isn't the usual location I am familiar with.

Are you using MacOS? Usually SuperCollider and SuperDirt will look for the samples at:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SuperCollider/downloaded-quarks/Dirt-Samples

Yes i'm using MacOS. I hadn't put my folder name and sample name in the script above like you said but just tried that and no luck.

I have only a 'Dirt-Samples-master' and 'samples-extra' in my tidal folder on my desktop. They are ones that Alex told us to download in some of the earlier videos on the course. I don't have a 'Dirt-Samples' folder that I can see in my Finder.

Ok - so SuperDirt.start runs automatically when I open Supercollider. I ran the script from the documentation example after that.

Hmm depending on how you're starting SuperDirt (maybe you could share your startup file / startup command you're using in supercollider?) that Dirt-Samples-master folder is probably not the right one. In supercollider you can go file -> open user support directory -> downloaded-quarks , and find the Dirt-Samples folder there.

Got it - I wasn't pasting files to the right place. Thanks so much everyone.