Install issue

Hi everybody,

I discover a problem for the installation of "SuperDirt" of Supercollider.
I put the command to start "SuperDirt" but I stopped the work before finishing.

So, I unistall Atom and Supercollider and try to re-install SC3 but I can't install anymore.
When I try to install on my computer (Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3) simply doesn't say nothing but don't begin the installation - maybe because I use the bootstrap installation of Tydal on Terminal - also I try a previous version of SC3 but still doesn't work.

I previously use Supercollider for composition...

Somebody can help me? Thanks a lot

Hi @Sandro_Kann
Yes we can help sort this out! Can you share any error messages you see?

That version of mac os is a little old so I think you will need to install an earlier version of supercollider. I think supercollider 10.10 should work.

Then when supercollider is running you can install superdirt manually by following the instructions here:

Hi, thank for the support.

I install SuperCollider 3.10.4 but the problem persists.

Hi can you explain the problem more - what exactly doesn't work and what messages do you get in full?