Install TidalCycles+vim-tidal on Arch Linux

Hi guys,

I wrote up the steps I took to get Tidal up and running on Arch Linux, a process that’s gotten considerably easier since the first time I did it :wink: Hope it will be useful for somebody!


Thanks for sharing this. I use almost the exact same setup on Arch. The haskell-tidal package really is a life saver as I could never get Tidal to compile without errors.

Indeed... I was so happy when I discovered the package in AUR! I've been away from Tidal for some time now, and I did manage to get it up and running on my previous arch install a couple of years ago, but there was a lot of fiddling going on with ghc-static libs and whatnot to make it compile... I'm also super happy that tmux is no longer a requirement for making it run in nvim!

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Just applied this and is working fine! Thank you

What I'll like to do is getting it to work in tandem with a script for running supercollider server in the background. Someone has an idea on how to implement this?

Apparently is has moved from the AUR to the comminity repo <3