Installed and working fine yesterday but now sounding SuperDirty

my Tidal sounds dirty at startup now. It sounds like everything is either granular/stuttery or clippy. Web browser audio sounds fine. Ableton sounds fine.

i've noticed mine sounding funny as well.

Hmm that's strange.. What operating system are you using?

windows 10 pro

what audio interface are you using?

Sometimes I'll get clicky sounds if the buffer is not large enough or there's a mismatch between what my audio application is outputting and what the soundcard driver is expecting. If your latency is too short your sound might get glitchy as well.

Are you seeing any errors in supercollider?

This actually happened to me the other day on my Macbook Pro. I figured it was because I had Supercollider on for days while the laptop slept. I restarted it and it was fine.