Introduction to live coding

Hi all! Here's an "introduction to live coding" video I made today, not for Tidal Club, but for a local organisation Sheffield Creative Guild. However it's been great practice before I start making club videos.

Here's an unlisted, unedited cut of that. I'd love any criticism/feedback on the video in general, how well it works, how easy it is to follow.. For this I wasn't trying to explain too much about the code, just get people curious.. I'll go much slower and deeper during the course!

I edited the closed captions (subtitles), I'd love feedback on that in particular - is it useful for people with non-native English speakers, or people with hearing impairment? You can turn on automatic translation via the :gear: option - is that useful?

Hit reply and let me know what you think!


As a non-native English speaker myself totally clear. The subtitles helps a lot. Thanks!


@yaxu : non-native speaker too. It is easy to follow, especially because of the slow voice flow. It is usually the main difficulty when following native british speakers (at least in my case). The unedited quality of your camera recording is also interesting, because it naturally introduces pauses, hesitations, moments where things are slowing down a bit.


That’s good to know. I did intend to get it jump-cut like a proper youtube video, but the video editor said he thought it was better as-is.

It was quite interesting editing the subtitles, I realised I didn’t really speak with obvious commas or full stops! Maybe that’s normal?? I put them in the subtitles, anyway…

The subtitles are great! It seems the auto translation is also okay and understandable (it’s google translate so I know there’s few that can be done about it haha). Your demo in the end of the video was awesome by the way.


The subtitles are great. And the automatic translation in french is pretty correct.


Thanks, I agree! The general explanation of the whole video is very clear, and the subtitles are helpful too.

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Excellent, great selection of examples, both languages and coders.


That was great, Alex. I learnt stuff - and about some other languages/things to try out. The video also works really well, I reckon, as an introduction.

Great video!
Non native speaker here, and it was quite clear. Subtitles are good too.
I like the pace of the video, not too slow and not too fast, flows nicely.