Irritating crackling


I am a new user been playing with Tidal for a few weeks and i have a very intermittent crackling noise in my audio from SuperCollider any idea what might be causing please? sometimes it can be multiple times minute and sometimes i can go 30 minutes without it. My Audio interface is a NI Maschine MK3 and i am using the MK3 Asio driver and have set this as a default in SC startup. I am not getting any late messages in Supercollider or any error messages at all...... am on Windows 10.

help? is not interfering with my learning but would like to erradicate it if i can.

Thanks in advance

Welcome @Benjaminjamesgreen ,

If it always happens with certain patterns, maybe it is the particular way you are using tidal that is generating too many events and overloading things. If there are particular patterns that cause it maybe you could share them and we could have a look.

Otherwise it could just be the particular supercollider / windows audio settings that need tweaking. I'm not familiar with how to do that with windows. Maybe someone else does. You could also ask on the supercollider forum as that might well be a general supercollider problem rather than something specific to tidal/superdirt.


Thanks so much for an amazing piece of software and your kind reply :slight_smile:

Turns out it was a latency issue caused by windows being windows, have done some googling and tweaking and managed to negate them.

Just started reading "a users manual" btw, really beautifully conceptualised and realised.....


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