Is there anyone running Tidalcycles in RaspPi4

Hey all,
Is there anyone running Tidalcycles in RaspPi4 ?
I installed supercollider without problem, with sc3 plugins. But it looks like my problem is this. find the right editor like atom or emacs ... :thinking:

I used to run it on a pi and ended up using vscode. It ran pretty well.

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Hey there's a thread by @renzo.rospigliosi here that talks about it, I know he managed to do it successfully:

I ran a poll a while ago about what operating system people are using, there was at least one RPi user in there too:

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thank you @cleary @johnnyl i have seen this post before. he helped me install supercollider. but for editor like atom or emacs doesn't work. I am still working on this problem. My environment is ubuntu PI4 amr64 --am64

I'm afraid I have never been able to get emacs to work (on any system), so I can't help there -
I don't think that atom does builds for arm64
I know that vscode does build for arm64, but it doesn't get included in the standard vscode repository (you have to download separately)

alternatively, is vim/neovim an option?

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...i don't know vim or neovim. I will try, I will come back if i have more questions. thank you very much!

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well, if you use my installer, there's not much to know - it will install and set itself up, all you'll need to do is:

vim foo.tidal
i # switches to "insert" mode
d1 $ s "bd"
<ctrl>+e # executes

all the best!

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