Kidal: a JVM (kotlin) tidal porting

Hi, as I anticipated somewhere, inspired by the great work on vortex, I am working on a kotlin porting of tidal.
At this point I implemented some functions, some joins, a simple mininotation parser, all in a test-first manner (no production code is written without a test).
There are a lot of things to do, and any help is appreciated. C'mon java livecoders, I know you exist out there!
Will post some updates here


implemented and parsed also slowcat and stack.

i have more experience with java than any other language, so i guess i should check this out. of course dev'ing desktop apps must be very different from this but let's see how much i understand lol

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Some other functions introduced, improved parser.
I think that's the time to start think about an editor, anoyone's in for helping me an intellij plugin? (since it's the most used IDE by kotlin developers)