Latency issues (windows 11)

Hi, i’m having some latency issues with tidal on windows 11.

i have tried changing the latency in the startup file from everything between 0.1 and 2.0, with none of these options fixing the problem entirely. tidal is still usable in this state but the latency does occasionally create some very subtle but noticeable off beat moments which make it more difficult to work with.

If anyone has any fixes or solutions to this problem, please let me know. I really love this live-coding environment compared to any other that i’ve tried, so having it work flawlessly would be wonderful.

thanks :slight_smile:

Still having this problem, if anyone knows at all what the problem might be?

I don't use Windows. Just to make sure: I know (from dicussions around Sonic Pi) that you are advised to use an ASIO driver.

If you are already doing that, simply ignore my post.

ahh okay. I have no idea how to set up ASIO in tidal/supercollider, but i’ll look into it. thanks.

this worked! thank you so much lol. it was getting really annoying

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