Link protocol

Hi all, it'd be great to have link sync for Tidal.. I'm working on haskell bindings for the library via something called hylia. I've got the basics working but I don't really know what I'm doing so help would be much appreciated!


This is the initial code/discussion for the sclang implementation:
And this is the rebased branch a bit later, which was merged:

maybe this helps?


Thanks Julian, this does help a lot. It works differently to what the hylia wrapper library does, which is designed to run in the audio thread based on sample time rather than system clock time. I'll look into adding the calls that supercollider uses to hylia.

Hi! love this effort! What would the difference between this and carabiner be besides a haskell implementation??

Wow, this is great! Can't help much though, my coding skills are limited unfortunately.

The carabiner approach relies on the local system clock not drifting. Using the local clock as the reference undermines a lot of the work that the link library does. It's also a bit more effort starting python processes etc.