Linux SuperCollider/Jack audio output setup for video conferencing

I struggle with SC configuration for video conferencing. Zoom client has "Share computed audio" but it uses Pulseaudio only, no configuration. I tried OBS which can output to Pulse with a virtual audio cable (like but I'm not sure it is a good path...

Anyone managed to configure SC for video conferencing under linux or seen any good resources?

Hi @pjagielski, what is your wider goal?
If it needs good sound quality, then in my experience video conferencing audio doesn't cut it, it's heavily optimized for voice and is generally mono. I might have missed a system that does have decent audio.. Google hangouts used to have performance quality audio as an option, but I think that's been lost to the google obsolescence cycle..

However to get sc audio into video conferencing under linux, you can install pulseaudio-module-jack, at least under debian derived systems. Pulseaudio should then appear as a source and target in jack (e.g. via the qjackctl gui).

Last time I did an online workshop I used the 'big blue button' video conferencing system, which allows embedding of a youtube video. I then used obs to stream my desktop and audio to youtube, and embedded the stream as a video. I set the stream to be low latency, which still had a couple of seconds delay. I managed to route things so I could only hear the audio from the stream, so at least had the same latency as everyone else. My mic was routed from jack into pulse as above, so my voice didn't have to go via the stream so had the usual latency for video conferencing.

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Thanks for the reply!

I had a talk regarding live coding music at internal conference, they used Zoom and wanted no OBS/YouTube on my side :wink: So I ended with doing it on Windows which was a bit painful.... I also want to do internal talk at my company on hangouts....

Regarding pulseaudio-module-jack - I used it as a jack sink, but never did the other way. So I have this in microphone list:
Zrzut ekranu z 2020-09-10 14-16-43
Can I use it now as a microphone in conferencing app?

Not sure about "app", but browser: yes.

Firefox can access this audio source for webRTC. e.g., for Bigbluebutton conferences. (It works for me.)

Use qjackctl to route audio (microphone and SC output). Perhaps use non-mixer (or similar) to adapt volume (I had to turn SC output down somewhat)

Audio quality: for tutorial-type sessions it's certainly good enough. Remember to switch off audio "enhancements" in the browser (cf.

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Sweet, it works like a charm!

I also routed microphone from another card to Jack Source using alsa_in. I can also hear external synths connected to Scarlett audio interface, thanks!