Mac Os High sierra 10.13 Installation Error

Hi guys, been using Tidal on PC for 3 years and recently got my first Mac. when running the installation script everything is fine until it tells me 'congrats you have all pre-reqs...installing tidal cycles haskell' THEN it stops and displays. ---- sh: line 220: /Users/dynamixiii/.ghcup/env: No such file or directory. ----- Any idea what i'm doing wrong folks? any help appreciated thankyou

Try switching to the manual install following the instructions on this page. What script were you using? Something might be off with it but nothing that can't be fixed.

EDIT: the ghcup install generally works pretty well for MacOS. I've used it for quite a while on a MbPro MacOS Monterey

Hey! I am on 10.13 also. What I think it's looking for is this:

I am far from being an expert, and have gotten hung up before on other projects because I hadn't set some environment path. For whichever kind of terminal/shell one is using, there are different ways how to tell it where to find the resources it is looking for.

On my system, the instructions caused a plain text file to be created in the invisible ghcup folder of my home directory. It's ~/.ghcup/env, and the file just says:

export PATH="$HOME/.cabal/bin:/Users/myname/.ghcup/bin:$PATH"

Once you've got that set, you should be able to update cabal and install Tidal