MacOS people, don't click that upgrade button

MacOS Tidal people! It's best to avoid upgrading to the new macos version 11 'big sur' for now. It has a lot of problems with supercollider and therefore superdirt, and most tidal installs.


I was thinking about clicking that button. Thanks a lot for this hint.

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i just got a new imac pro and the thing is fast as poo but some stuff does not work
I WAS able to get SuperCollider Working with a bleeding edge build of SuperCollider 3.11.2 Bleeding Edge works on Big Sur 11.1

So i got cocky and i went for Tidalycycles because it's always some new challenge :slight_smile:
Anyway every thing installs EXCEPT i dont get a ghci from the script

So i just cabal installed the ghci & tidal again since the script said it was doing it but did not so it was easier to just do it all from scratch

Tidal works fine on Big Sur with SC 3.11.2 :slight_smile: