macOS Sonoma install smoothly, except wrong SuperCollider?

Heyy, I just installed using the automatic installation script on a new laptop (Apple M3 Pro running OS Sonoma 14.3) and all went smoothly, except a few small things.

  • 'cabal info tidal' shows version 1.9.4 installed but 'cabal list tidal' lists 6 things as [ Not Installed ] Is this normal?
  • When I tried to open SuperCollider, it seems the x86 version was installed, not the Apple Silicon version. I got a notification I had to install Rosetta. I deleted and installed SuperCollider manually ( + SuperDirt and SC3 Plugins.) Is this a mistake in the shell script? If so, it may be worth changing to the Universal binary version of SuperCollider?

Everything else was installed properly and ran out of the box !! Thank you for making this so easy !!