Manual or PDF to learn Tidal

Hi Guys I'm new with this forum and tidal cycles in general. My name is Davide and I'm a music producer but in the past three months i've been very courious with music programming and then I decide to install Tidal Cycles and super dirt synth. I saw some tutorial on internet basically on yt and tidal cycles home page and I'm questioning there are some manuals or pdf online that I can download to learn Tidal Cycles ?

Sorry for my english but it's not my mother language....

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you're in the right place :slight_smile:

As @abalone1969 says there's a course running in this forum but you have to go via a pay(-as-you-feel-)wall (starting from £0!) to get to it:

I've started work on a kind of manual but have a long way to go with it still :confused: