Meetup #2: "The Longest Night" Marathon - call for Support Crew/

Hi gang, we are almost at the two week mark, heaps of work has gone into getting the frontend and backends sorted, but -

We still need a support crew! This will consist mostly of basic first level troubleshooting with streaming setups/OBS, and knowing who to pass more complex backend related issues onto.

We need enough people across timezones to adequately cover the entire 48 hours so every little bit of support you can provide will be valuable! Please make yourself known in this thread (incl tentative availability on the 21st/22nd dec) and I'll be in touch with more info.

There will be a final organisation/planning meetup as per the details below, to finalise any outstanding items. Our goal is to open up the signup process by the 7th December:

Organisation Meetup #2 COMPLETED

@irisS @luluganeta @paulchannelstrip @munshkr @Givo29 @yaxu @mrreason @ritchse


will share on tidal's discord announcement channel

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Count me in

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happy to help

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Bump for the upcoming meeting (7 or so hours away) - once again, if you are interested in assisting (in any capacity) please come along and say hi :slightly_smiling_face:

... And of course if you can't make the meeting, say hi here or in the discord!

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Bump! ~20 minutes or so

I would love to help out on support! Sorry I wasn't able to make the meeting yesterday

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Hey thanks for the offer, I'll be in touch shortly - is your nickname the same on discord?


yup that's me!

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