MIDI Delayed by Multiple Cycles? - Mac Big Sur (Help)

I've been experiencing some odd behavior since updating to BigSur. The MIDI information coming out of Tidal/Supercollider seems to be delayed 4 cycles.

If I trigger a do block with both SuperDirt samples and MIDI output it takes the MIDI 4 cycles to catchup and start outputting. Then when I stop the code the MIDI continues for 4 cycles after the samples. Effectively the MIDI is delayed by 4 cycles.

I haven't changed my BootTidal and Supercollider startup files. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening?

This is with Supercollider 3.12.1, BigSur 11.6.1, and Tidal 1.7.8


PS: I'm on v1.7.3-dev of Superdirt.
And my laptop, running the same versions of all of the software, seems to be 2 cycles behind.

Do you have any MIDI latency set in your start up file? I found a few weeks ago that when this is set poorly, its almost impossible to trigger things sanely. Sorry it sounds obvious, but it took me ages to work it out.

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Thanks @mashaal .

I didn't have any MIDI latency settings in my SC startup file.
So I ended up adding a:

~midiOut.latency = 0.0;

for only one of the outputs and that seemed to help. Maybe the default values got out of whack somehow in the update somehow? Odd. But that line brought the MIDI back close to the same cycle. Strangely now I have to use much higher nudge value than before, like nudge 1.05 , which seems weird. But all in all it's way better now.

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hey @ben are you using ableton or some other DAW? just curious, i have never had much success with editing/post-production because my midi will never quite snap to the grid. my latency settings admittedly have been just "good enough" but i am hopeful that one day i can achieve full synchronization.

I am using a DAW but just to record/playback/edit the MIDI and SuperDirt samples. I'm not syncing Tidal to my DAW, other than setting the tempos the same. As long as the samples and MIDI are in sync than I slide the downbeat to the grid in the DAW (which is often easier said than done, but).

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yes this is pretty much what i am doing as well. except yeah the downbeat is a few milliseconds off from my recorded midi clips

Yeah I've never figured out a way to reliably sync my DAW and Tidal, which is a bummer. I don't use a Link enabled DAW, but even when I did try it with Live the latencies and jitter involved made it seem not worth the trouble. I do wish there was a rock solid way though.

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same here. seems like i saw something bubbling on the horizon in relation to this recently so i'll keep my eyes out for any updates i see made on this front!

Yeah, it sounds like Link might get a nice update.

haven't you heard? everyone is going dawless... not by choice, haskell is just too advanced

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Something odd is happening.

Upon first loading up SuperCollider I keep having this issue of the MIDI being 4-5 cycles behind SuperDirt. If I then mess about with my SC startup file by playing around with these messages ~midiOut.latency = 0.0;, then it snaps back into place. So somehow SuperCollider is loading up with different values or something?

Anyone have any ideas?