MIDI RPN Null - needed? How?

I'm investigating how to use NRPN to control some additional aspects of my synths using MIDI. My synth manual and many other manuals contain a statement like this "Once an NRPN parameters
has been specified, all Data Entry messages received on that channel will modify the value of that parameter. To prevent accidents, it is recomended that you set RPN Null (RPN Number = 7FH/7FH) when you have finished setting the value of the desired parameter."

Does anyone have experience with this? Is RPN Null really needed? How to do it in Tidal?

Seems like it would be annoying if I need to use nrpnn manually:


I've used NRPNs to control a Novation Circuit (source: tidal/code/nrpn.tidal · master · waldmann / computer-mu · GitLab , rendered audio: tidal/code/nrpn.ogg · master · waldmann / computer-mu · GitLab)

I did not need "RPN Null", and did not notice "accidents", but I wasn't doing anything serious. (Just programmatically turn lots of knobs on that thing.)

Here is one document that also recommends to "Null (RPN 127, 127) the active parameter number" MIDI NRPN and RPN by Phil Rees but for RPN, nor NRPN

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Thanks for the great link! I opened Should we send RPN Null after NRPN? · Issue #283 · musikinformatik/SuperDirt · GitHub where I reference it.