MIDI Setup not communicating

I can get supercollider to communicate with any of the DAWs I use no problem at all but when following the instructions on page MIDI | Tidal Cycles I cannot get a sound out of the DAW I am using.

My setup in Supercollider is:

~midiOut = MIDIOut.newByName("MiniFuse 4", "MiniFuse 4");
~dirt.soundLibrary.addMIDI(\mydev, ~midiOut);

and then in Visual Studio Code, I have been trying:

d1 $ n "0 2 4 7" # s "mydev"

The console in VSC shows no errors and there are no errors reported in supercollider.

What have I missed?


Here is an example that worked for me. Sends note events, and control-change events.
( tidal/code/electribe2.tidal · master · waldmann / computer-mu · GitLab , rendered to audio: tidal/code/electribe2.ogg · master · waldmann / computer-mu · GitLab )

I didn't use this recently, but I recall that at the time, it worked exactly like described here: MIDI | Tidal Cycles

[EDIT - it's the same as your steps. Can you paste here the output of each command?]

And I just checked that those steps really work, for QSynth (software synthesizer running locally)

$ sclang
sc3> MIDIClient.init;
    -- MIDI Destinations:
    --     MIDIEndPoint("FLUID Synth (5566)", "Synth input port (5566:0)")
sc3> ~midiOut=MIDIOut.newByName("FLUID Synth (5566)", "Synth input port (5566:0)");
    -- -> a MIDIOut
sc3> ~dirt.soundLibrary.addMIDI(\mydevice, ~midiOut);
    -- -> a DirtSoundLibrary

then in Tidalcycles:

d1 $  n "0" # s "mydevice"

Thanks, ok to confirm what the responses are:

    // MIDI Destinations:
    // MIDIEndPoint("MiniFuse 4", "MiniFuse 4")

~midiOut=MIDIOut.newByName("MiniFuse 4", "MiniFuse 4");
    // -> a MIDIOut

~dirt.soundLibrary.addMIDI(\mydevice, ~midiOut);
    // -> a DirtSoundLibrary

and then when evaluating, the command below:

d1 $  n "0" # s "mydevice"

There is no output at all, which I'd expect from Logic which has some channels setup, instruments armed to play.

Then if I try something like this:

d1 $ s "hh*4"

I hear the hi-hat playing via my audio interface.

It's odd, that the MIDI side of things, isn't working.

You seem to be on Mac. It's worth checking whether MIDI is flowing between the apps. On Mac there's MIDI Monitor. Set up a loopback (On Mac "IAC-Driver", you probably already did, since you're talking to Logic). MIDI Monitor can listen in on communication between apps.

Thanks for your help, after fiddling around, I have got it working yay!! The MIDI monitor is a handy tool, it certainly helped :slight_smile:

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