Mouse as control input in SuperCollider synth and MIDI CC

Follow-up from the show-and-tell in TidalCycles meetup #3 (thanks again for organizing!)

Context: Exploring how to use mouse position as an input control for TidalCycles. I found SuperCollider opens up some fun options!

This is a SuperCollider gist with two Saw waves with LPF controlled by mouseY. There is also a code snippet that allows mouseX and mouseY control MIDI CC.

github gist: [TidalCycles mouse control via SuperCollider · GitHub]

I would love to see more examples of SuperCollider synths folks create. I'm still new-ish to SuperCollider, but happy to answer questions :slight_smile:

Examples of mouse input:

  • Using SuperCollider synths for sound generation [youtube link]
  • Jam in 7/8 using Vital VST for sounds, with MIDI CC from SuperCollider [youtube link]