Multiline evaluation not working (Mac + Atom)


I'm still new to this so this might be a dumb one.

So multiline evaluation doesn't work with Atom + Catalina config. The lines work fine by themselves but it seems line end is not registered. My Tidal is at version 1.7.2. In the attached picture I'm not running SC but it's not the issue here.

Hello @vataja! Multiline works slightly different then you expected. You need to separate each stream (d1, d2 and so on) in a different line. In this context multiline mean, that your pattern is structured over several lines. This example should work with your multiline shortcut:

d1 $ sound "bd" 
   # speed "2" 
   # pan 0.2 

But if you try to evaluate two or more streams in multiline, then you need to add a do like

    d1 $ s "bd"
    d2 $ s "sn"
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Ah I see, thank you so much! I'm so happy to see this community this active :--)

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Thanks again :slight_smile: