Multitrack-recording from TidalCycles to Ableton (Windows 10)

So I've only been able to find documentation on how to record multiple/individual tracks from Tidal Cycles using "orbits" on Mac into Ableton, but haven't found anything on how to do it with Windows... any help would be much appreciated!

I know there is a way to record an entire session from SuperCollider, but you can't really mix down tracks that way/add automated effects/chop/resample sounds.

Also, it doesn't have to be directly into Ableton, just so long as the individual tracks are recorded into a folder somewhere that would be brilliant!

Thanks in advance.

Also, does Alex McLean have a Patreon? We should all likely be paying him monthly for keeping up with all these inquiries and tutorials + etc... just a thought.


Hi @onokio,

The instructions should be the same on Mac and Linux, apart from routing audio from SuperCollider to your DAW. VB-CABLE is one option for this:

If you have something like a USB sound module, your might also be able to do the routing through that.

I have a ko-fi page but I'm not pushing it at the moment as I made a good amount of money from running the course to sustain Tidal development for a little bit, and well, it's a funny time to be asking for donations with a lot of more important causes in need around e.g. Black Lives Matter and food banks.



Thanks for the link! I didn't realize the instruction were applicable to Windows, thanks for the clarification.

And I'm with you on the rerouting of funds to those in crisis. Just hoping you're getting paid fairly for your work is all, like all creators and artists should. :smile:

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I have had some success using VB-CABLE and routing the audio into Ableton, however I am only able to get two channels working. I am unsure at this point if it is a problem with my startup file or some configuration in VB-CABLE. I am trying to get 8 stereo channels sent to Ableton. Right now Orbits 0-3 will send audio to my single stereo pair in Ableton but none of the other Oribits seem to send audio. If anyone else has been more successful please share! I feel like I am almost there.

There's some discussion on audio routing in Windows in this thread. (I explain here in detail how I get multichannels into Reaper - Ableton is a bit trickier since it doesn't support the same range of audio drivers, but it should be possible)

VB Cable only supports 2 channel audio routing, so you'll need either a multichannel hardware device, or something like the LoopBeAudio (which you have to pay a small fee for).

Thank you for the help! The VB-CABLE documentation is not very clear and the control panel for the driver shows 8 channels so that is very confusing.

Yes it's a bit mysterious! Happy to help and feel free to shout if you get stuck again

Hey all! Last weekend I managed to get a multitrack routing from TidalCycles/SuperCollider to Ableton in Windows 7 using JACK. For anyone still interested in this, here's a quick tutorial:

What you'll need to do is install JACK for Windows first.
Then go C:\Program Files\JACK2\jack-router or wherever you installed it to and open the JackRouter.ini file in the win32 or win64 folder respectively, which should look like this:

In there you should change the 2nd line to the desired number of channels that you want. (I got it working with 8, but when going above 8 I got errors in SuperCollider sometimes.)

Next, launch C:\Program Files\JACK2\qjackctl\qjackctl.exe -> Settings - under Driver choose portaudio and under Advanced use settings similar to these:
(Note that "UA25" is my soundcard, so you should choose your sound device or use ASIO4ALL. ASIO is the best choice for getting multi track audio, but you can try the other options in there as well.)

Click Apply and then Okay.
In qjackctl click the Start button with the green arrow.

Then, in SuperCollider evaluate these two lines:

Server.default.options.inDevice_("ASIO : JackRouter");
Server.default.options.outDevice_("ASIO : JackRouter");

and boot with your startup script. (Make sure to assign enough orbits as explained here: Audio Outputs | Tidal Cycles)
Now in the SC post window it should say:

Requested devices: 
In (matching device found): - ASIO : JackRouter  
Out (matching device found): - ASIO : JackRouter

Click the Graph button in qjackctl and you should see something like this:

Now open up Ableton, go to Options -> Preferences and choose these settings:
(Make sure to activate the 8 audio inputs under Input Config like in the picture.)

Then go back to qjackctl Graph and re-connect the wires there like so:

...and that's basically it!

Set up your audio tracks in Ableton and GO!


Haven't tried it yet, but apparently, this software let's you do virtual audio routing in Windows as well:
ODeus ASIO Link Pro

Seems like a good alternative to BlackHole or JACK.

Super helpful. Thank you!

@staxl Hi, I've managed to get jack working on windows too but I cannot get any virtual midi to work. I've tried loopbe and loopMidi but creating a midi object in SC never shows up in Carla or jacks graph editor. Do you have any tips?

Oh, strange. I'll have to look into that again. I usually use loopMIDI just like that for routing MIDI. Not sure how to have it show up in JACK/Carla. What's your idea?

Thank you for sharing your setup.

I have the problem that I cannot use my JackRouter in Ableton and SuperCollider simultanously. When my SuperCollider server is booted with the JackRouter as in and out device, Ableton reports "Failed to open audio device JackRouter" when I'm trying to select the device in the settings.
When I kill the SC server, I can access via Ableton, but then, when I boot the SC server, I get a 'Unanticipated host error'.

I already tried using every program with admin access.

Any ideas? I'm pretty now to all this stuff.

edit: I've seemingly resolved the issue by increasing the output number in the .ini file

Great! That would have also been my guess. Glad you got it working and sorry for the late reply.