Mute, Solo, etc

I'm trying to get mute and solo to work in VSCode. I've setup key commands for mute and unmute and when I hover over the block that I want to mute and execute the command the console says mute 2 (etc) as if it's working but the sound isn't muted. Am I not using it correctly?

I'm also not sure what the correct syntax is to make sure that it's not an issue with how I have the VSCode extension setup. If I'm playing a pattern on d2 would I execute mute d2 (I've also tried mute 2 btw)?


After some more experimentation, solo 1 and unsolo 1 work, but mute 1 and unmute 1 do not.
Any ideas?

Probably not much help, but these default shortcuts are working for me when I use them bound to keys or executed in the editor.

I have found that having a comment above a line of tidal code will cause the keyboard shortcut to break, but I can still execute "mute 1" in the editor without issue.

Thanks @enamel. My shortcuts are the same, and unfortunately I can't get Tidal to mute or unmute using the mute 1 unmute 1 commands either. It seems like a problem with my setup.

I double checked my BootTidal and it seems okay:

p = streamReplace tidal
    hush = streamHush tidal
    list = streamList tidal
    mute = streamMute tidal
    unmute = streamUnmute tidal
    unmuteAll = streamUnmuteAll tidal
    solo = streamSolo tidal
    unsolo = streamUnsolo tidal
    once = streamOnce tidal
    first = streamFirst tidal
    asap = once
    nudgeAll = streamNudgeAll tidal
    all = streamAll tidal
    resetCycles = streamResetCycles tidal
    setcps = asap . cps

Lmk if anyone has any ideas.

Hmm I'm not sure why mute wouldn't work.

For me this sequence of commands works as expected..

d1 $ sound "bd sd:3"
mute 1
unmute 1

So you don't get any errors - the mute just doesn't have an effect? hmmm

Just noticed that this doesn't work as I'd expect:

d1 $ sound "bd sd:3"
solo 1 -- ok..
mute 1 -- doesn't mute
unsolo 1 -- now it's muted
unmute 1 -- back to normal

I think a solo'd track should still mute..

I remember I hacked this together quite quickly, the UI definitely needs improving. There's an unmuteAll but not an unsoloAll.. There's a list function for listing the active channels and whether they're solo'd but not whether they're muted or silenced.. Ideas for how this could be improved welcome!

This could all do with being easily controlled via OSC/MIDI as well..

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It would indeed be mute 2 rather than mute d2 by the way @ben . d2 $ sound "bd sn" is shorthand for p 2 $ sound "bd sn" # orbit 1, so 2 is the identifier for the stream

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Ahhhh. I got it sorted thanks @yaxu.
I did a search in my BootTidal file and found a custom function that I'm not even sure where I picked up:
mute p = (const $ s "~") $ p

Without that it's back to working as normal.

PS: I agree that this is an area where some sort of visual feedback would be really useful for Tidal. In a large block of code I often lose my place and can't find which sounds are active. But in terms of smaller changes the list function would be nice if it showed muted sounds as well imo, and unmuteAll would definitely be useful!

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Yes with some work on the editor extension, it'd be nice still to have a little '[m]' or '[s]' appear next to a muted/solo'd pattern, with the text greyed out.. feedforward does something like this with muting

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