Navigating Tidal source code

Hi, I tried to navigate through Tidal source code to find answers to some technical questions regarding OSC, midi, timing etc. In particular I would like to know details about SuperCollider communication - eg. what happens if the sound is played, when you apply "room" or other effect parameter.. Where to start? :wink:

Sorry I totally missed this question!

Maybe using wireshark helps?

Basically for each event, a specified parameter gets sent as a name-value pair, within an OSC message.

Got to run to join a zoom call now but let me know if you have more questions about this..

Yes, wireshark could help. But my original thought was to dig into Tidal source code for details, is there some "main loop" when I can start from? Also I've seen a package called "old", but I think is't still in use, is it?

If there's something called 'old', it won't be in use. Is this a folder within the tidal repo? I think it's just stuff from pre version 1.0 that I'm keeping around..

The OSC sending stuff is in Stream, using Tempo for the main loop.