Neovim (tidal-vim) and commenting

Hey all!

I've been trying to use Neovim for both Tidal and SuperCollider (both quite often). I haven't found a great way to comment or un-comment lines easily, which I use quite often for FX and other things. That's my last seeming hangup with it.

I realize there are mappings and vim plugins that do this but haven't seemed to be able to get them to work the way I want.

I'm wondering if anyone using Vim or Neovim has any advice for this. I'm doing more in tidal with this than in SC currently.

P.S. My backup is always Atom at this point, but I really like using Neovim, just a bit of a noob with that as well. But everything else works flawlessly.

vim-commentary works like a charm.

I have this in my init.vim to make it work with .tidal files:

augroup Tidal
  autocmd FileType tidal setlocal commentstring=--\ %s
augroup END

I can also recommend VSCode together with the VSCode Neovim extension (plus TidalCycles for VSCode of course), which embeds a full Neovim instance in VSCode, complete with all your regular plugins, etc.

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Thanks @moustachioed ! I just got that working. Perfect! I did try VSCode as I sometimes use that for Vue.js projects and things, but really have most everything working in Atom as well. I need to get a bit faster at Vim, but prefer the simplicity at least for music with keyboard navigation. I'm an old dog, trying to learn new tricks.