Nested Sequence

Hey all,

I'm trying to create a sequence of sequences within tidal.
So I have a seqPLoop defining a series of events happening over four bars. I then have another seqPLoop that is a copy of the first but with jux rev slapped on (but it could also be a different seqPLoop entirely). How can I play the first four bars, followed by the second, then loop?

Is something like this what you are looking for? You can put your 4 bar seqPLoop in a variable and then call it in another seqPLoop, then you can call it again with any effects or other functions you want to!

  let pat1 = seqPLoop [
                (0, 4, s "bd(3,8)"),
                (2, 4, struct (ascii "HI") $ s "hh"),
                (3, 4, s "~ sd") 
  d1 $ seqPLoop [
                (0, 4, pat1),
                (4, 8, jux rev $ pat1)

brilliant! thanks :slight_smile: