New Blog Profile: polymorphic.engine

New blog profile from polymorphic.engine: Tidal Profile - polymorphic_engine | Tidal Cycles

Check out his piece Codified Waves - a mesmerizing acousmatic composition based on field recordings of electromagnetic waves then manipulated in Tidal. Fascinating and wonderful to hear and experience. For something more familiar - there is a great session from the Algorave 10th Birthday.

His profile includes some extended code samples, including custom Haskell code that shows what you can do when you know your way around. His work in Tidal includes the tidal-listener and contributions to mini-notation, including chord notation improvements. He mentions use of a game controller and joystick, including with external hardware - comparing livecoding to programming a game while also playing it. Cool!

Future project interests are highlighted, including sound installation, film, large scale AV performances, using Tidal to control an acousmonium (read the blog to learn what this is...), and working on a livecoding language. Ambitious and exciting to see.

Great stuff! Thanks p.e!


Thanks, love those blog profiles. Highly insightfuls !