New collective TidalCycles crowdfund!

@dktr0, @irisS and I have set up a new opencollective crowdfund here:

I'm really appreciative of all who have sent me 'coffees', but due to a (happy) change of circumstance, I'm shutting down my personal crowdfund on ko-fi. If you have a regular donation set up there, please cancel that and if you like redirect it to this new collective fund.

We'll be developing ideas for how to spend the money to best sustain Tidal as an active project and community, and are very happy to discuss ideas here. We'd also be happy to hear feedback about how easy it is to donate via this new (to us) platform from wherever you are.

For now though, if you have spare cash it'd be a much appreciated boost to the future sustainability of Tidal to contribute towards this new fund and get some momentum behind it. It's a very open system, so you'll be able to see how and where the money is spent. You can see the beginnings of our expense policy on the site already.



I reckon this is a precautionary measure to protect your health against to much caffeine, right?! :laughing:

Seriously: Sounds great. I will definitely redirect what I can contribute regularly. I saw the Jack Armitage Livestream, which for me is one more example for the way Tidal is able to evolve, integrate and extend or to be extended!

That's cool, the only issue is that it seems like that paypal payments are not supported yet, and I have no credit card (yes, 2021, no credit card, I feel like some kind of hermit)

I see, it seems our 'fiscal host' doesn't accept paypal (yet?). I'm not sure why.

It might be possible to do the bank transfer via a service like That would be better value than the terrible paypal exchange rate, but a lot more fiddly.. We can think about other options in the future, and pressure the fiscal hosts to support paypal when we are a bit more established.

Is this really a 15% fee for every payment? Seems quite a lot to me (or am I naive about what these services cost these days)?

:clap::clap::clap::clap: Amazing huge step for TidalCycles and its beautiful community :purple_heart:

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Hey mbutz! :slight_smile: Can you send me a link where you are reading this? Thanks!

Oh, I think I know what you are referring to... is this? Please notice that you are able to choose the amount you will donate to the platform (it can be none):

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Hi @irisS,

ah, ok. I haven't noticed. That makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.

Is it possible to name a subject / feature you like to sponsor? I would like to make a contribution for Ableton Link support for instance.

Yes @mbutz, you are very free to select 'no thank you' at this point!

@specht Right now this is not a way to pay for particular features, but a way to contribute to the health of the project as a whole.

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Absolutely loving Tidal and Tidal Club, such a good resource! Very accessible and fun, thanks @yaxu and all other contributors! Just added some monthly support.