New sample sets: Cello (cbow/cpluck)

Cello all,
Thanks to the extraordinarily generous efforts of @trvrxtr I am very proud to announce another two tidal-focussed, CC0 licensed, sample sets of ... Cello!

I've followed the same principles I used to develop the flbass set, but due to the (incredible) variety of sound you can achieve on a Cello, I have split them into a set of bowed, and a set of plucked samples. The plucked set also includes some percussive body hits, and a couple of bonus fancy riffs.

This is the .0 release, I'm very keen for feedback on ordering/grouping, gain levels, general usabillity etc

Trevor has a bandcamp artist page, his music is excellent - please show him some love!


Usage examples coming in already!




@cleary (heavily inspired by a @cortesana.malinali pattern)


Combination stir fry:
@cleary (channelling my inner bach?)


I'm loving these bits. Thanks for putting this out, @cleary!


Thanks @cleary !

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Big update for cbow today - after using it for a couple of weeks, I decided it needed re-ordering (and as a result, culling)

Of note:
All different techniques are grouped together ranging from lowest to highest in sets of 4 - that way you can move octaves by adding (or removing) 1 to n. That should make it a lot easier to work with - I will likely be doing the same thing with cpluck shortly :slight_smile:

The final set for cbow is now complete -

bonus vid:

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Nice one! There's a problem with your video link, here's a working one:

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Ah thanks - rushing it all out today, making mistakes :expressionless: