No error, but no sound, on macOS install

Hi there,

I'm on macOS Monterey. I have SuperCollider running and with tidal 1.9.2 in VS code, I can start VS code and try triggering sounds, but I hear nothing from SuperCollider. I can run an osc directly in SC and I'll hear sound. So I'm not sure how to troubleshoot it. Any suggestions are much appreciated.


Hi, welcome!

Just to check, are you running the SuperDirt quark in SuperCollider?

If so, you can check to see if Tidal's messages are making it to SuperCollider, but evaluating this line of SuperCollider code:

OSCFunc.trace(true, true)

Try triggering some patterns in Tidal and see if /dirt/play messages start showing up in the SuperCollider console.

Another useful thing to check is what console messages do you get in VS Code when you boot up Tidal? If you post those here, we'll be able to better tell if Tidal is functioning normally.