Notation for longer notes?

If we have a series of quarter notes:

" ~ ~ ~ ~"

we can insert 8th and 16th notes by doing the following:

" ~ [~ ~] [~ ~ ~ ~] ~"

What's the notation for a half note ? I'd like to be sure I can add longer notes for chords/melodies/etc.

If you have a pattern of quarter-long events, then your half note is

"~ n@2 ~"

where n is your note.

Here for the mini-notation documentation.

TL;DR: @ affects the duration of the event in relation with the other events in the pattern.

Please be aware that n@2 is a half note because the total no. of steps in the cycle amounts to 4.
If I didn't change your pattern and I just made one event longer, e.g.

"~ ~ n@2 ~ ~"

then the note n would take a value of 2/5 of the cycle - not a half note.

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Yep! got it. I used 4 tildes to indicate that they were quarters.
Thanks for the link to the mini-notation.

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